Welcome to the Ozark County, Missouri Sheriff’s Website!

Ozark County Sheriff’s Department is located in Gainesville, Missouri.

Address: 1818 CR 806, Gainesville, MO. 65655

Phone: 417-679-4633

Fax: 417-679-3201

Email: ozarkcountysheriff@centurytel.net

For emergencies, call 911




  • Have your VALID picture ID ready, as we have to run criminal checks on everyone coming into the facility, visiting or not.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to visit.
  • Inmates will be allowed to visit one time per visitation day. All individuals visiting an inmate will need to be here at the same time, as the inmate will not be allowed out a second time on visitation day.
  • We do not pass mail, notes, or messages to the inmates
  • Visitation is on Sunday only
  • Hours are 1pm-3pm 
  • Inmates are allowed only one time out- all people visiting will need to be in the facility when the inmate is brought out to visit
  • Inmates are allowed to visit 10 minutes, these are no contact visits
  • Commissary items must be brought to the facility during visiting hours
  • Only items on the commissary list provided are allowed into the facility
  • All other items will be sent back with family, or disposed of


  • 1 box- Snack Cakes
  • 1 bag- Chips
  • 1 Container- Instant Coffee (no individual packets)
  • 1 Container-Instant Tea (no individual packets)
  • 1 Package- Cookies
  • 2 Packages Beef Jerky (no sticks)
  • 1 Box- Zip Lock type Gallon Size Bags
  • Cash may be brought in for the inmates to purchase phone cards that only work in our facility, with our phones.  Phone card amounts are $8, $10, $15, $20, $25, & $30
  • Cash may also be used to purchase E-Cigs for inmates, they are $12 each.
  •  United States Postal Money Orders may be brought in or mailed for phone card and E-Cig purchases, as well.


  • Men-White, cotton brief underwear, white socks, NO T-SHIRTS
  • Women-White, cotton panties, White bra with NO underwire, white socks, No T-SHIRTS

Writing Material:

  • Prepaid, pre-stamped Post Cards purchased from the Post Office only for letter writing 
    • Any incoming mail, except legal mail, will have to be on these postcards as well. All mail not conforming to this regulation will be returned to sender.
  • Loose Leaf writing paper- No Notebooks, or Legal Pads
  • Due to the volume of items being brought to the jail, we have had to limit the amount of items each inmate can have. All unacceptable items will be returned. All food items must be brought in original unopened packages. Clear gallon size zip lock bags must be supplied for each inmate by their family. Items will only be accepted on Sunday during visitation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Jail Administrator at 417-679-4633. 


Ozark County Jail 

Attn: (Inmate Name)

1818 CR 806

Gainesville, MO 65655


Ambulance Base Office: 417-679-3624

Caney Mountain Refuge Office: 417-679-2363

Gainesville City Hall: 417-679-4858 Mayor Gail Reich


  • Tom Leeker: 417-989-1693
  • Jerry Kiger: 417-989-1690

Coroner: Shane Ledbetter 417-712-4223

Division 1 Court Office: 417-679-4232

Division 2 Court Office: 417-679-4611

For Towing Semi Trucks or Large Campers:

  • Baker’s- 870-491-5363 located in Mountain Home, AR
  • Collins- 417-683-4609 located in Ava, MO
  • Crow- 800-798-0155 located in West Plains, MO

Gail Reich- Conceal Carry Permits- 417-679-4633

Jailers -417-679-4633

Juvenile Officers: 417-926-3129

License Bureau: 417-679-0280


  • Bryan Land- 417-293-2553 Located in Dora, MO
  • Ron Smith Recovery- 417-679-2303 located in Gainesville, MO

Missouri State Highway Patrol -417-469-3121

Missouri State Water Patrol- 417-469-3121

Ozark County Clerk: 417-679-3516

Ozark County Commissioners Office: 417-679-4096

  • Eastern: Gary Collins
  • Presiding: John Turner
  • Western: Greg Donley

Probation & Parole Office: 417-256-6178 Craig Chronister

Prosecuting Attorney: John Garrabrant: 417-679-4649

Wrecker Services

  • J.B. Duke’s – 41-284-7092 located in Tecumseh, MO
  • Ron Smith’s Recovery -417-679-2303 located in Gainesville, MO
  • Sam Myers-417-273-4202- located in Theodosia, MO